Vijay C. Doshi


Hailing from a successful business family, Mr. Vijay C. Doshi embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey at just 20 years of age. Even then, he was already actively expanding the family-owned brand, which comprised revolutionary technologies accredited by the world’s best certification authorities for diverse industries such as oil and gas and fire safety.

A natural business leader with a passion, Mr. Doshi is a pioneering visionary in his own right. His in-depth understanding of the real estate industry is what motivated him to venture into property development. Propelled by the drive to raise the bar on expectations and add value to people’s lifestyle, he founded Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC.

He boldly inspires his team of experienced professionals to challenge their limits and think out of the box, like himself. He aspires to create a real estate legacy that incorporates superior design and precision engineering to create residential communities that will become a landmark in their own right.

That aspiration is already coming to life, with the successful, timely completion of his maiden project, Vincitore Palacio. Mr. Doshi’s dynamic leadership continues to usher in an era of luxury living at an affordable price.

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