We @ Vincitore

We @ Vincitore

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

– Seth Godin (Author, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader)


Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC entered Dubai’s property market to make a difference. Established in 2013 by our Chairman, Mr. Vijay C. Doshi, we are the proud pioneers of affordable branded luxury.

Our name Vincitore means “winner” in Italian. Our goal is to bring the exacting standards of design and creativity that Italians are renowned for, into every home we develop. Our ultimate aspiration is to be the vincitore of the hearts of those who build their lives in the homes we deliver.

We do this by redefining the concept of branded real estate as the world knows it. Our ethos is responsible real estate development through excellence and innovation. Property is just a medium. Through it what we offer is the supreme experience of the Vincitore lifestyle.

Keeping customers — investors and end-users alike — at the epicenter of our operations, we have already recognition from the real estate industry. In 2017, we were the proud recipients of

  • the Luxury Lifestyle Award for luxury real estate
  • the International Finance award for the fastest growing real estate branded quality product

With our flagship project, Vincitore Palacio, already completed and another being developed, there are others in the pipeline. In the years to come, plans are in place to convert our substantial land bank into prime real estate.


To become global leader in real estate development for Branded Value Luxury Properties.



Introduce and deliver across the globe, concept of ‘Branded Value Luxury Real Estate’ for discerning home seekers and investors.

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